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Connor and his request

Connors Letter to Poppy

This is the letter that Connor left me to find.  He wants to make a jig and call it the Stud, so that is what we did.  He also  wants to sell these for $4.00 apiece but I think I will leave it at the normal price and I will just kick in the rest to take him deep sea fishing, this is his dream to do.  This boy is loving fishing!!  You can read the whole letter below.

Connor Man

This is Connor.  He is 10 and loves to fish.  We kept him and his little brother Cole the other week and every morning he was getting me up to go get the Ranger and go fishing.  

The STUD jig

This is the Stud jig.  It is item CC- 33  This has actualy been a very good jig for me.  So get your order in so I can take this little man deep sea fishing!

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About Us

Our Jigs

All our Jigs are hand tied by me .  My Wife does all the pouring, painting, and packaging.  Not only does she do all that, she also cleans every eye of paint.  All of our heads are powder painted for a durable finish.  Our jigs are of the best of material and the best of quality.  All of our 1/16 oz Jigs have the Short Shank #1 Hook.  All of our 3/32 oz have the Lite Wire #2 Hook.  I have been doing this for over 30 years and take pride in my workmanship.  I do not create anything that i won't use.  All our jigs and colors are tested right here on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Great Customer Support

We have excellent support.  If you need anything, we will have it out to you very quickly.  If there is a color that we don't have and you want, just let me know and I will make it.  All you have to do is either email me at jeff@crappiehutjigs.com or call me at the number on the page.  I prefer email, that way we have a record of it, It protects everyone.  

Who We Are

 We are a Family Owned Crappie jig business that takes pride in our 100% American made product. My wife and I create these Crappie Jigs.  I tie them and she pours, paints, and packages them.  We are located in Eddyville, Kentucky.  Home to some of the best Crappie Fishing there is right here on Ky. Lake and Lake Barkley.  Our son Ryan oversees the Nashville area and helps out when we get big orders.  Our entire family loves to fish for Crappie and Bluegill and the fish fry's with friends and family are the best.  

About Our Jigs

Kiptail Hair Jig

These are made from a Kiptail (calftail).  This hair is lighter, more bouyant and has more action than a bucktail hair. I put a lot of hair on these which causes the fall to imitate a dying shad.  With all the hair, it traps air and slowly releases as it falls.  Great action, very productive jig.

Crazy Legz Jig

These are just CRAZY!  Made from silicone and chenille.  These legs close as you move it and spring open when it stops.  We have had great success with these jigs.  

Wooly Booger Jig

Made from Marabou and chenille with a Hackle neck.  These styles have been a "go to" in the fly fishing world.  I created this for Crappie to see how it would do and it was phenomenal. The neck flows with the movement along with the marabou tail.  This jig has a fall that is not like any other jig on the market today.  One of my favorites.

Item # and Color Description, Price

Kiptail $1.39

  • K100- Black/Chart-Black-Red Head
  • K101- Chart/White-Red-Red Head
  • K102- Blue/White-Red-Red Head aka; The Patriot
  • K104- Orange/White-Red-Orange Head
  • K105- Chartreuse/Pink-Red-Pink Head
  • K107- Blue-Red-Blue Head
  • K109-Fl. Yellow-Red-Red Head
  • K-111- Black/Fl. Yellow-Blk-Red Head
  • K112- Orange/Chart-Orange-Green Head
  • K-113- Green/Chart-Red-Green Head
  • K-116- Pink/White-Red-Pink Head
  • K117- Fl. Blue-Red-Powder Blue Head
  • KF13- Chart/Red Flash-Red-Red Head
  • KF14- White/Blue Flash-Red-Blue Head
  • KF15- White/Red Flash-Red-Red Head
  • KF17- Chart/Rainbow Flash-Red-Dragonfly Head
  • KF19- Fl. Blue/Rainbow Flash-Red-Powder Blue Head
  • KF20- White/Pearl Blue Flash-Blue-Powder Blue Head

Crazy Legz $1.39

  • CL23-Chart. Hologram-Chart-Chart Head
  • CL12-Wh/Chart/Blue-Blue-Blue Head
  • CL22-Smoke/Hot Pink-Grey-Black
  • CL01- White-Pink-Pink Head
  • CL03- Chartruese-Pink-Pink Head
  • CL04- Chart. Hologram-Black-Chart. Head
  • CL24- Roadkill/Chart-Chart-Dragonfly Head
  • CL16- Black/Chart-Black-Dragonfly Head
  • CL17- White-White-Powder Blue Head
  • CL05- White-Blue-Blue Head
  • CL20- Chartruese-Blue-Powder Blue Head
  • CL30- Orange/Smoke-Grey-ORange Head
  • CL28- Blue/Grey-Grey-Blue Head
  • CL29- Chart/Chart Hologram-Chart-Green Head
  • CL31- Black/Smoke-Grey-Black Head
  • CL21- Pink/Chart-Pink-Pink Head
  • CL26- Smoke/Clear-Grey-Black Head
  • CL25- Orange/Chart-Chart-Orange Head

Wooly Booger $1.39

  • WB 1- Black/Chart-Black-Green Head
  • WB 2- Pink/White-White-Pink Head
  • WB 3- Green/Chart-Chart-Dragonfly Head
  • WB 4 Orange/Chart-Chart-Orange Head
  • WB 5- Fl.Blue/Shrimp-Blue-Pink Head
  • WB 6- Orange/Grey-Grey-Orange Head
  • WB 7- Fl.Blue/Grey-Grey-Powder Blue Head
  • WB 8- Pink/Chart-Chart-Pink Head
  • WB 9- Black/Grey-Grey-Black Head
  • WB 10- Fl.Blue/White-Blue-Blue Head
  • WB 11- Grey/White-Grey-Powder Blue Head
  • WB 12-Chart/White-Chart-Green Head
  • WB 13- Blue/White-White-Red Head
  • WB 14- Black/Chart-Chart-Black Head
  • WB 15- Pink/White-Pink-Pink Head
  • WB16- Green/Shrimp-Pink-Dragonfly Head
  • WB 17- Blue/Grey-Grey-Powder Blue Head
  • WB 18- Chart/White-White-Chart. Head


Crazy Cricket $1.19

  • CC 1-Black, Chartreuse legz, Chartreuse Head
  • CC 2- Grey, Light Blue Legz, Sapphire Head
  • CC 3- Blue, White Legz, Red Head
  • CC 4- Black, Roadkill Legz, Bright Green Head
  • CC 5- Chartreuse, Roadkill Legz, Bright Green Head
  • CC 6- Black, Roadkill Legz, Dragonfly Head
  • CC 7- White, Pink Legz, Pink Head
  • CC 8- Black, Orange Legz, Orange Head
  • CC 9- Pink, Pink Legz, Pink Head
  • CC 10- White, Red Legz, Red Head
  • CC 11- Black, Smoke Legz, Black Head
  • CC 12- Chartreuse, Black Legz, Dragonfly Head
  • CC 13- Black, Vera gated Legz, White Head


  • KF 21- Pink w/ Red Flash, Red, Pink Head
  • KF 22- Orange w/ Rainbow Flash, Orange, Orange Head
  • CL 32- White, Purple, Dagonfly Head
  • CL 33- "The Stud" Purple/Roadkill/Chart, Purple, Dragonfly Head
  • CL 34- Orange/Pink, Pink, Orange Head
  • CL35- White/Clear, White, White Head
  • CL36- Blue/White, Red, Red Head
  • CL37- Lite Blue/Magic Shad, Grey, Powder Blue



#2 Lite Wire $2.49 package of 10

3/32 oz. Head with the Mustad #2 Lite Wire Hook.  These hooks are highly sought after here on Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake.  The Lite Wire will allow you to free the hook from a snag without breaking your line.  But..... DO NOT  try to horse a big crappie in the boat without a net. 

#1 Red Short Shank $2.49 package of 10

1/16 oz #1 Short Shank Red Hook.  I have been using this Hook for over 30 years.  I have put more Crappie in the boat with this hook.  It has a wide gap which will get through the upper lip bone resulting in less fish lost.  

#2 Sickle Hook $2.49 package of 10

 #2 Black Chrome Sickle Hook.  This is a #2 Hook.  You can get it in either a 1/16 oz head or a 3/32 oz head.  Just specify when ordering.  These are used by many Crappie Anglers.

Hook Head Colors

3/32 Lite Wire #2

  • 01- Plain
  • 02- Chartruese
  • 03- Bright Green
  • 04- Candy Red
  • 05- Orange
  • 06- Powder Blue
  • 07- Pink
  • 08- Blue
  • 09- Red
  • 10- Silver Hologram
  • 11- Dragonfly
  • 12- Black

1/16 Red Short Shank #1

  • 01- Plain
  • 02- Chartruese
  • 03- Bright Green
  • 04- Candy Red
  • 05- Orange
  • 06- Powder Blue
  • 07- Pink
  • 08- Blue
  • 09- Red
  • 10- Silver Hologram
  • 11- Dragonfly
  • 12- Black

1/16 #2 Black Chrome Sickle

  • 01- Plain
  • 02- Chartruese
  • 03- Bright Green
  • 04- Candy Red
  • 05- Orange
  • 06- Powder Blue
  • 07- Pink
  • 08- Blue
  • 09- Red
  • 10- Silver Hologram
  • 11- Dragonfly
  • 12- Black

Thank you for visiting Crappie Hut Jigs.

If there is a particular color that you want and don't see it, Message me and I will see if I can make it for you.  

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