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We are a Family Owned Crappie jig business that takes pride in our 100% American made product. My wife and I create these Crappie Jigs.  I tie them and she pours, paints, and packages them.  We are located in Eddyville, Kentucky.  Home to some of the best Crappie Fishing there is right here on Ky. Lake and Lake Barkley.  Our son Ryan oversees the Nashville area and helps out when we get big orders.  Our entire family loves to fish for Crappie and Bluegill and the fish fry's with friends and family are the best.

I have been tying for over 30 years and found out what works and what doesn't work.  I have experimented with colors, sizes, and hooks and found that what I have to offer are the some of the best there is.  I am also exicited about the new 3/32 oz that has been sought after by some of the Best Crappie fisherman around.  

I will hand tie all your jigs and if you don't see a color you want, just email at jeff@crappiehutjigs.com or call me and I will make it for you.  The colors are only limited to your imagination.  Happy fishing and may God Bless you with lots of fish!

What's Hot Now

Crazy Legz

Crazy Legz have doing great on KY and Barkley Lake.  Also doing great on Old Hickory.  The main colors that have been producing nice fish are the CL03, 12, 17, 27, and 30

Wooly Booger

The Wooly Booger is a favorite Jig of mine because of the lively action it has.  The Marabou has a ton of action as does the neck.  Check out the new colors.


Kiptail with Flash  KF11 has always and is still catching a lot of Crappie on several lakes

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